Upon meeting and forming in their Tunisian coastal hometown of Sfax, the emerging contemporary artist duo ST4 thrived to explore the potentialities of urban art and experiment with its very environment. They’ve scoured for inspiration from the Tunisian urban scenes, embarked on numerous murals across the country, and familiarized the public with their distinct visual profile.

      “We are a duo of Tunisian artists committed to bringing an interdisciplinary and collective vision of our Tunisian and Arab influence and culture to the national and global conversation. We aim to reinvent and reshape existing landscapes, therefore hijacking the mundane and introducing the imaginary to enshrine a local cultural heritage.

      Our vision imagines the artist as a social actor and a pioneer of spatial and contextual potential whose work should reflect and stem from his surroundings. Through reinterpreting public space and a constant source of affordances, our visual and spatial perception is reborn.”